Testimonials received by A Moment With Mary

This testimony from 2014 prompted us to reinsert the Hail Mary that we had wrongly – taken out:

"I would like to share with you my testimony about the text of the "Hail Mary" which is no longer present at the end of each email (2014). At first, I just read the email a little superficially. But the constant presence of the 'Hail Mary' at the end of each email was an invitation to prayer that I could not fail to notice. So I decided to recite a 'Hail Mary' after reading the message. In doing this, I discovered a simple way to let Mary into my work day. It gradually gave me the desire to pray more.

Today I miss this little call to prayer."

"Mary of Nazareth brings me a great comfort; I try to tell people what I know about her because we need hope!"

"Your e-letter is a breath of fresh, revitalizing air for the soul."

"The messages I receive are a very valuable aid in learning how to love our Most Holy Mother.


A Moment With Mary is such a simple and powerful way to recognize the presence of Mary in this world and make our love for her grow. Thank you."


"Again, I encourage you wholeheartedly because we greatly need Our Mother. She must become better known."

Comments received on Facebook

"I love this MOTHER, when I am sad, I just say my Rosary, and I find peace deep within me. She is truly our intercessor."

"This is beautiful thank you."


"Our Lady of Fatima, help me to better pray by reciting my Rosary with all my heart. Amen Thank you."


People... "should go back to reciting the Rosary so that the Blessed Virgin Mary may save them again. Stay with us, O Good Mother!"

"Hello, thank you for always having sent me heavenly words that comfort me ..."