Become missionary for Mary

Become a Missionary of Mary

Discover five simple and practical ways to become a Missionary of Mary:

1. Subscribe to A Moment With Mary, if you have not already done so.

2. Subscribe your friends and family to A Moment With Mary, click here.

3. Distribute the A Moment With Mary flyer.

Download the flyer in PDF format for good quality printing (4 flyers per page) or in Jpeg format (one flyer)

Proposing the flyer to a person is a simple way to talk about the Virgin Mary.

Ask your parish priest or the person in charge in your parish to put a small package of flyers on the table provided for this purpose.

Offer to distribute the flyer at the end of the Mass.

Share the image of the flyer by email with all your contacts.

4. Share the Virgin Mary on Facebook and Twitter

You can share the text of A Moment With Mary that you receive by email on Facebook and Twitter: it will be published on your page. If the 150,000 people who receive A Moment With Mary by email share it on Facebook and / or Twitter, this will have a very powerful impact. Each Facebook user having an average of 250 friends, this can create 150,000 x 250 = potentially 37.5 million views!

Subscribe to the Facebook and Twitter page of A Moment With Mary

Every time you see a publication of A Moment With Mary on your Facebook wall, click Like and share the publication. This will also have a considerable impact on the number of people who will receive and will see A Moment With Mary on their own wall. You will greatly amplify the presence of the Virgin Mary on the social network which is used by 1.13 billion people every day!

Some more ideas:

Feel free to comment on A Moment With Mary's publications, they will encourage those who see them to subscribe.

Also, when sharing the publication, include a comment.